Project Description

Updating “Environmental Protection Regulation for oil and gas exploration, field development, production, storage, transport, processing and related services”

The implementation of 1998 Regulation is an urgent and practical requirement, expressing the initiative to support State management agencies in complementing the legal basis, facilitating individuals and oil and gas organizations to protect the environment protection in Vietnam oil and gas industry.

Main contents include: Reviewing and evaluating 48 articles of the 1998 Regulation by considering and updating currently applicable environmental protection regulations for the Vietnam oil and gas industry; Referring to environmental protection regulations applicable for petroleum industry in some countries and international organizations as well as international practices; Consulting expert opinions inside and outside the oil and gas industry.

Study achievements include:

  • Complementing references, with legal documents related to the oil and gas industry in some countries;
  • Identifying advantages, difficulties and obstacles of the current environmental protection regulations which are applicable to the environmental protection in Vietnam oil and gas industry;
  • Proposing draft Regulation for “Environmental protection in oil and gas activities” (main outcome of the study).

The study is one of the references for the re-promulgation of the Regulation and the compilation of legislative and regulatory basis of environmental protection in future for this specific industry.