Project Description

Study on establishment and application of Environmental Performance Indicators (EPIs) to enhance the efficiency of environmental management for PVN subsidiaries. Stage 1: Refining & Petrochemicals Field

The study has developed specific EPIs set for refining – petrochemicals and evaluated  the results of applying the EPIs set and the effectiveness of environmental management for Dung Quat Refinery and Phu My Fertilizer Plant. Based on that, the authors propose solutions to improve the efficiency of environmental management for PVN subsidiaries operating in the field of refining – petrochemical.

EPIs setting process

PVN’s general set of specific indicators for oil refining and petrochemicals includes two groups: Operational Performance Indicators (OPIs) and Management Performance Indicators (MPIs), which are proposed based on the evaluation and selection under the global common criteria. This is an essential basis for developing a set of EPIs at more specific levels for each subsidiary, which is a management tool supporting decision making in accordance with the new global management trend.

A set of proposed indicators is established with explanatory documents, including information on definitions, purposes, calculation methods and required data sources of each indicator, which may help PVN subsidiaries implement in practice.

The development and application of a set of environmental performance indicators is essential for PVN subsidiaries operating in the field of refining and petrochemicals to identify relevant environmental aspects and indicators that need to be improved, to enhance the efficiency of environmental management.

Based on identifying the environmental aspects and respective indicators, the authors also proposed some solutions for improvement including technical solutions and management solutions relating to the aspects of energy consumption, water consumption, emissions, solid waste and wastewater. In addition, the study also contains a guidance on the process of establishing and applying the proposed set of environmental performance indicators with detailed procedures for the specific steps of the PDCA loop; other important guidelines relating to how data are looked up, document collection forms, environmental data for the calculation and evaluation of indicators at PVN subsidiaries.