Project Description

Establishment of health standards for the personnel working on production platforms

In order to support the process of health examination for recruitment and periodical health check for personnel working on offshore installations, a health standard for personnel working on Vietnamese offshore installation was established based on working environment characteristics and conditions on offshore facilities. Main references for the establishment include: similar health standards/guidelines that are nationally and/or internationally adopted, related legal documents, results from consultation with workers, occupational health managers on offshore installations as well as medical specialists.Main contents of the study include:

·    Analyzing the nature of work, conditions and working environment, and specific health requirements for offshore works;

·  Reviewing guidance/guidelines and standards/regulations on occupational health assessment and control applied to workers on offshore installations;

·   Analyzing and assessing the health hazards encountered or potentially impacting each classified group of employees working offshore;

·   Classifying type of personnel working on Vietnamese offshore facilities;

·   Based on the information/data collected, the health standards for each group of workers on offshore oil and gas facilities were compiled with detailed explanations. Followings are main contents of the Health Standard:

·  General information: Determination of the subject and scope of application; Regulations on conditions of medical establishments eligible for conducting examination and issuing health certificates; regulations relating to health certificates; Defining the criteria on health examination and assessment for the employees;

·  Health Standard: Including physical strength: providing physical and reference values; Standard physiological functions: Giving the parameters of physiological functions for different functional systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, etc. and the list of diseases and disabilities which are unsuitable for the offshore jobs;

·   Appendices: Including A list of diseases and disabilities that should be considered on a case-by-case basis, form for a medical examination, form for health certificate and statement of commitment.Health standards have been prepared and amended based on recommendations of experts, managers and those relevant to occupational health management field from companies and contractors operating in Vietnam.