“CPSE is committed to the Occupational Safety and Health policy by developing and implementing health management programs appropriate for different employees groups, organizing periodic health examination, monitoring the working environment, ensuring hygiene and food safety, along with other welfares for employees.”

Main activities:

  • Implementing Working Environment Monitoring and proposing control measures for Occupational Health and Safety risks.
  • Conducting ergonomic and psychophysiological analysis to improve Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Providing consulting services on establishment of the Workplace Safety and Hygiene Management System.
  • Conducting Health Risk Assessment (HRA) during project lifecycle.
  • Providing services on Health Impact Assessment Study and Society Orientation (SO).
  • Conducting researches/studies on Occupational Health and Community Health.

Capability and experience

With a team of highly-qualified and professional-trained specialists in Community Health, Occupational Health and Safety, CPSE has consolidated its position as a reputable consulting organization with sufficient experience in HSE field. Besides our expertise in scientific research, possessing an entire and synchronized oil and gas industry database is of our dominance. Also, we have been demonstrating the ability in effectively implementing advanced and novel studies with extensive scopes of application.

Development strategy

Together with strengthening the quality of services on consulting and conducting researches in Occupational Health, CPSE also emphasizes the integration of Health, Environment and Society – a general orientation of development in Community Health. Accordingly, CPSE puts a focus on interdisciplinary studies, domestic and international collaboration and education. These are to enhancing awareness on social responsibilities for oil and gas organizations and hence, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s oil and gas industry.