Research and service environment field

We conduct researches and supply scientific and technical services related to safety and environment for many industries, especially for petroleum industry:


Environmental Baseline Studies: Surveying, assessing existing environment and setting up environmental database

Preparing reports of Environmental and social Impact Assessment (EIA, ESIA), strategic EIA and commitment to environmental protection for onshore/offshore petroleum exploration, appraisal and production activities; for port activities; construction and installation of oil and gas pipelines, terminals, petroleum processing plant, refineries; petrochemical plant; and for other industrial projects such as power, fertilizer, chemicals plants.. etc.


Eco-toxicological testing for chemicals, drilling muds, wastes in petroleum and other industries, including:

Toxicity tests (LC50, EC50, NOEC tests) on aqua-organisms;

Aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation tests;


Performing specialized tests and experiments:

Performance of offshore and onshore monitoring-surveys, and of environmental sampling for the petroleum, chemical, construction, transportation, agriculture projects; oil pollution incidents/accidents;

Analyzing and assessing different categories of environmental samples:


Carrying out researches, advices, design, engineering and installation of wastes treatment systems for wastewater, solid wastes, air emission from petroleum industry and others;
Advising, designing & engineering, installing supply water treatment system for industrial zones, residential areas, schools, hospitals;

Carry out extensive environmental tests:

To regulate ecological toxicity for drilling fluids, chemicals and wastes, including:

  • Toxicity testing (identification of LC50, EC50, NOEC) on marine organisms;
  • Testing for aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation;
  • Bioaccumulative potential assay (identification of logPow, BCF).
  • Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals in bivalve tissue;
  • Analysis of mercury content in gas and condensate;
  • Analyze the origin of oil pollution by biomarker technique,
  • Oil decoction test, effective dispersant oil.

And other projects

  • Researching, consulting, designing and installing equipment systems and wastewater treatment plants, solid waste and waste gas;
  • Consulting, designing and installing water treatment systems;
  • To study the development of technologies and materials used for environmental protection (waste treatment technology, oil treatment products, oil dispersants, oil adsorbents, V.V);
  • Research and development of biofuels.