Founded in 1993 by Vietnam Oil and Gas Company (PV) – renamed today Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN), the Research and Development Centre for Petroleum Safety and Environment (CPSE) becomes a subsidiary of Vietnam Petroleum Institute since 2007.
Thanks to our continuous efforts and effective cooperation with prestigious consultancy organizations and companies worldwide during many years in operation, CPSE has gathered hundred experts and researchers in the fields of chemistry, biology, geology, geography, technique & environment management, information technology, economy, finance, business administration, health… to become the Vietnam’s leading centre for safety and environmental protection.
Besides a qualified and professional experts team, CPSE has gained a prominent advantage over other R&D centers in Vietnam, to be equipped with modern technology by Petrovietnam to meet the more and more demanding requirements of science study and service.
With commitment to considering quality factor as the utmost importance in order to satisfy customer’s demands, we are among the first R&D centers in Vietnam, which have successfully built the quality management system in accordance to ISO 9001 standard, issued by AFAQ – ASCERT International in 1999 and effectively maintained to the present day.
Day after day, we have been making new achievements towards the common targets of Petrovietnam: ensuring safety, sustainable development, and friendly environment.

Milestones of CPSE


October 30


Expansion of the consulfancy service for establishing safety documentation package for petroleum facilities operating (include reports on quantitative risk assessment, safety management program and emergency response plan). Talisman, ILIS JOC. HLHV JOC, EXXOrnMobil, JWPC, PWGOS, BSR, PWFCCo, etc. (2011-2014);

E.xpansion of services for deep water environmenfal monitoring; environmental monitoring for Ca Rong Do Project (2074);

Expansion of the consultancy service for establishing the Chemical Spill Response Plan and Mitigation Measures for oil and gas companies: JVPC, CLJOC, HLHV JOC, Premier Oil, PVEP POC(2074);

Expansion of research on environmental protecfion products and new materials: bioproduct for oil degradation, ol dispersanfs, mlcroalgae for bio-diesel (2010 2014)

October 30


Development of the cooperation project with Norway Government: “Assist in developing management system of safety and working environment, and environmental pollution control. In the Vietnamese petroleum industry (The 2nd and 3rd stages: 2007 2011);

Development of the cooperation projects with Japan (SEC, MOECO, ICEP): Design of a system to manage marine environment by harmonizing development of olland gas Industry activites and protection of fisheries in Vietnam (2000 2005),

Development of the first research on ecotoxicity fests in Vietnam, application for alteration and approval of using environment-friendly drilling fluids and petroleum chemical products for oil and gas companies (2000 2014);

Development offhe wastes freatment for the first onshore dring activity in Vietnam: Thal Binh eXploration drilling campaign (2004);

Development of the Nondestructive Testing (NDD service for Installations; the pipelines, drilling rigs, petroleum refinery, power stations and petroleum ferminals in Vietnam (2006 2011);

Development of the consultancy service for preparing reports on the first Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in accordance with the EP and IFC Infernational standards: ESIA report on Nghi Son Petroleum refinery complex (2008-2010);

Development of the consultancy service for establishing the safety management system for PVGas (2001), Vietsovpetro (2002)

Development of technique for Environmental Sensitivity Map for Oil Spill Response in Vietnam, deployment in coastal provinces from Da Nang to Ca Mau and Cambodiloa borders;

October 30

1993-2000: FOUNDATION

First Environmental Monitoring Project for offshore petroleum activities in Vietnam: Dal Hung Field (1993);

Reports on Environmental Impacts Assessment (EIA) and Oil Spill Response Plan (OSRP) for the First Gas Projects In Vietnam: Bach Ho, Dal Hung, Lan Toy, Rang Dong and Ruby fields (1993-1995), gas pipeline from Bach Ho Field fo Dinh Co. (1995):

Report on EIA for the First on Rosinoy in Vietnam: Dung Quat (1927):

The First Project of Infernational Cooperation with Norway Government: “Assist in developing management system of safety and working environment, and environmental pollution control in the Vietnamese petroleum industry (The 1st stage: 1997 – 2003)

The First euantitative Risk Analysis (eRa) in Vietnam: the MSP5 of VSP (2000).

Board of directors

Organizational chart

Quality Policy

Quality is the utmost factor during CPSE operations in relating to the tasks of scientific researches and of providing with products and services to best satisfy customer needs.

In order to maintain the targets of quality, our commitment to : 


  • Timely understanding customer needs.
  • Continuously enhancing qualification and professional skill of employees.
  • Innovating technology, investing and upgrading equipment.
  • Making an associate and professional working environment.
  • Continuously improving quality management system.

The CPSE in whole and every staff to have a responsibility to contribute to good implement of this policy. The director of CPSE commits to making favourable conditions to put this policy into effect.


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