Eight hours of work in the office is neither too long nor too short but imply long-hour sitting. According to many studies, long-hour sitting will increase the risk of diseases such as hemorrhoids, obesity, kidney disease, poor digestive system, poor memory, …So how to stay healthy through office hours?

From many sources, to be both physically and mentally healthy, we can do the followings:

  1. Design standing workplaces in each department, then people can bring their laptops to the areas to continue working when feeling tired of long-hour sitting, these areas also are equipped with foot massage pedals for people with foot pain.

The foot massage pedals are used to stimulate the internal organs of the human body, which help blood circulation and relax the entire nervous system, suitable for office workers. However, in order to get highest effectiveness of this self-healing method, it is necessary to use the massage pedals properly, at the right time, regularly and always listen to your body.

  1. Periodically two days per week, in the afternoon, all VPI staff should have 15 minutes for collective activity by doing a simple aerobic exercise in the office with vibrant music played on the general speaker system and guided by a voluntary instructor from each department. By this way, everyone will have fun and their moments of physical activity. In addition, to promote this activity, each department will record their own exercise video and post it to VPI social network (Yammer). Awards will be given at the end of quarters or at the end of year to the department that exercises regularly and/or has the best dance performance. If possible, the best performance will be selected to perform at the year-end party of VPI and CPSE.
  1. In addition, employees should be encouraged to use stairs instead of elevators whenever possible. Because using stairs has many benefits such as burning calories, strengthening bones, increasing flexibility, reducing risk of stroke/ obesity and shaping a beautiful body (a special benefit for women).


Hopefully, these ideas will help build a fun, healthy and efficient workplace.

Ngo Thi Minh Thu, Specialist, Department of Environmental Management – CPSE