With the purpose of educating the glorious history of the Party and the country for CPSE staff, CPSE Party Cell and the Youth Union members, contributing to enhancing the implementation of the Party Central Committee’s 4th plenum Resolution on “Urgent issues on Party building at present” and the Politburo’s Directive No. 03-CT/TW on ‘Continued acceleration of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example’ and to further illuminate the humane and ethical values of the Vietnamese people during the resistance war and the nation building, from 27th June to 30th June, 2014, the Party Cell Committee and leaders of the Research and Development Center for Petroleum Safety and Environment (CPSE) organized a trip back to root for all employees in Con Dao.

Con Dao is known as a “Hell on Earth”, where the French colonialists and American imperialists built a system of medieval – like prisons to detent Vietnamese patriots, turning the island into hell for 113 years.

An image of forced labor in a rice mill

The tiger cage area, where the guards tortured the prisoners from above

At a corner of the courtyard in the prison area

Having witnessed the crimes and listened to the explanations of the tour guides, the group was touched, impressed and proud of the resilience, sacrifice, humanity, comradeship of the revolutionary soldiers in the past … In this place, each cold stone wall, each old tree, each grass patch in the prison was imbued with the revolutionary prisoners’ blood of more than a century of struggle. Perhaps all the current prisons in the world cannot be comparable with Con Dao prison for the extreme pain and the absolute sacrifice of revolutionary soldiers and patriotic people. They sacrificed their life for a good faith in the success of the Vietnamese revolution.

With respect and honor to the heroic martyrs who died for the country, the group made incense offerings in Hang Duong martyrs cemetery, where 1,913 graves of heroes – anonymous and onymous, including the grave of an immortal legend – Vo Thi Sau.

Leaders of CPSE burnt incense at Hang Duong Martyrs Cemetery

In the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony, people were moved to hear the remembrance speech of heroic martyrs. Mr. Hoang Nguyen, Secretary of the Party Cell, Director of the Center together with all staff honored and memorized the spirits of the fallen soldiers and compatriots by burning incenses.

Representative of the Center gave the remembrance speech


In front of the memorial statue, all staff paid homage to the soldiers, with incense sticks in hands.


Group photo taking

Farewell to Con Dao, a land of peace and warmth of human love, a piece of land containing the pain of the nation that struggled heroically. Thanks for the trip, thanks for the deep impression from this sacred land left on us. This trip was truly a memorable experience. The lessons of the patriotic tradition of the nation went straight to the heart of each person, evoking in us the beautiful aspirations of the ideal of life. Our perception seemed to mature, in each of our thoughts and actions, of the responsibility to live worthily with the sacrifice of the previous generation. Perhaps it was the most precious gift that Con Dao has brought to the Vietnamese people who once arrived at this place./.